本文摘要:Google has reintroduced its Translate mobile apps to China, where they can now be accessed and used without the need for software to bypass local censorship.谷歌翻译成重回中国手机应用于市场,由于运营不必须软件,防止了当地的审查。


Google has reintroduced its Translate mobile apps to China, where they can now be accessed and used without the need for software to bypass local censorship.谷歌翻译成重回中国手机应用于市场,由于运营不必须软件,防止了当地的审查。Google has maintained a web-based version of Translate that has been accessible since its China exit, but with half of China’s 1.4 billion population using the internet on mobile, according to the latest government figures, these apps will give the service wider reach.谷歌在解散中国市场以后,依然保有了网页版的在线翻译,根据政府获取的近期数据,中国14亿人口中一半的人通过手机网际网路,谷歌的这个应用于可以将服务覆盖面积到更加多人。The iOS version of Translate is available in the Chinese App Store, while Google is directing Android users to a direct download from its servers here.苹果版的谷歌翻译成早已在应用于商店上线,此外谷歌还向用户获取安卓版的必要iTunes地址。

“Google Translate has been available in China for more than eight years. Today, we’re making our Translate app work better for Chinese users,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch.“谷歌翻译成向中国网名打开服务8年了,现在,我们的翻译成应用于将不会向中国用户获取很高的服务。”谷歌发言人在TechCruch专访时说。“With today’s update, we’re hoping to make the Translate experience better for Chinese users, helping break down language barriers by connecting people around the world,” Google wrote in a blog post.谷歌在公布的博客中写到:“此次的创意突破,我们致力于给中国用户很好的翻译成体验,超越语言的障碍,和世界人民交流。”Publicly, at least, Google is saying that the launch of the Chinese version of the app is about giving more options to Chinese internet users, who also have services from Baidu and other Chinese companies available, but today’s news marks a notable advance on its China strategy.从公开发表的角度来说,最少谷歌称之为中文版应用于的上线是给中国网民更好的自由选择,他们之前用的是百度或者其他公司的服务,但是今天的新闻,被迫说道是谷歌攻占中国市场战略回头的一步好棋。

Translate won’t generate revenue for Google, but it may boost its visibility among Chinese internet users. Potentially, it sets a precedent for introducing China-specific versions of other Google apps and services in the future, although the company declined to comment when we asked it about that directly.起码的翻译成服务会为谷歌带给什么实质性的收益,但是它能在中国网民中提升曝光度,作为转入中国市场的“领头羊”,为谷歌将来在中国发售的应用于和服务作好铺垫。我们在提及如上问题的时候,没获得谷歌公司的对此。China’s colossal base of more than 730 million internet users has turned it into an important market for mobile. The country recently overtook the U.S. to become the world’s most lucrative market for iOS app developers, and it’s a market where Google has little footprint. The company connected China-based developers with its global app store footprint two years ago, but it’s no surprise that Google is reported to be exploring the possibilities inside China.中国的7.3亿网名包含了一个可观最重要的手机市场,多达美国沦为苹果系统开发者垂涎三尺意欲攻占的市场,但是此前谷歌却少有投身于。现在它牵头本土开发者在两年前转入中国应用程序市场,不过谷歌想试水中国这点也没什么好奇怪的。



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